Wolfgang Wagner 2015-06-22

Wolfgang will explain the core concepts of Doctus and do some live coding. Doctus is a Scala library for the creation of visual art pieces. It is based on the ideas of Processing but uses Scala as a programming language. Projects can create images on multiple platforms. Currently Swing and HTML5-Canvas are supported.

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Developing a Node.js Module with Scala.js

Dominik Gruber 2015-03-16

Dominik will present a small project that he created with two other developers at a recent Scala.js hackathon: A Node.js module written in Scala.js. It's a terminal application that monitors Java applications over JMX. It uses NCURSES to graphically monitor activity.

Project on GitHub:

Scala.js Node.js Scala JMX Monitoring

Scala to JavaScript - Part I

Sebastian Nozzi 2013-09-26

  • Motivation
  • Pros/Cons of Scala.js vs JScala
  • JScala hands-on (jQuery / AngularJS)

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