KISS-style DI with Play

Alexander Daniel 2015-03-16

How does dependency injection work in Play? How can a no framework dependency injection be implemented with Play? Pros and cons.

Scala Play Framework Dependency Injection

Reactive Web Applications with Play

Manuel Bernhart 2015-02-18

Manuel will quickly talk about the book he's writing about building reactive web-applications with the Play Framework.

Scala Play Framework

Development and Deployment of Polyglot Systems

David Pichsenmeister 2014-10-28

At we are developing a comment plugin for online bloggers and publishers. Since the uptime of our software is very important, we try to apply best practices to our development and deployment workflow. Our system is based on different stacks, which includes the use of different languages like PHP, Scala, and TypeScript. This talk is about how we manage the consistency of our data-models through the different stacks, how the connection of our services is done through APIs and the deployment strategy of our system to get a nearly zero-downtime continuous integration pipeline. I'll also show, how we use code generators and shell scripts to automate code creation and tasks. Last, I'll show how we handle our database migrations.

Scala Play Framework Slick

Scala at journi

Christian Papauschek 2014-10-28

  • Experience with the Play Framework
  • Usage of Java libraries
  • Database access via Slick

Scala Play Framework Slick

Sessions in Play? Is it possible?

Oleg Rudenko 2014-10-28

Keeping state in a Play Framework application.

Scala Play Framework