»Akka Concurrency« Book Review

Dominik Gruber 2014-02-20

Book review of »Akka Concurrency« by Derek Wyatt. I has been published in May 2013 and was recommended by Jonas Bonèr, the creator of Akka and current CTO of Typesafe.

Scala Akka Concurrency Book Review

Concurrency on the JVM

Bernhard Huemer 2013-07-23

  • Common pitfalls and problems with Threads, JVM concurrency and background about the Java Memory Model, how locking works, etc.
  • Going from a threading model based (directly) on ThreadPools to one based on Akka by addressing contention issues along the way (or "why don't I just use thread pools?")
  • talk I forgot to mention, if you're interested in JVM concurrency, watch out for anything that Heinz Kabutz posts! :) For example,

JVM Concurrency

Contemporary Concurrency Comparison: Akka Actors, Scala 2.10 Futures and Java EE 6 EJBs

Gerald Löffler 2013-05-22

I shall try to give a succinct explanation and critical comparison of the defining architectural principles and coding styles in Akka Actors, Scala 2.10 (previously Akka) Futures and Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans (in particular JMS MDBs and session beans with asynchronous business methods). Although Akka has a Java binding and Java EE is, obviously, a Java standard, this comparison will focus on usage from (and code in) Scala.

Java Scala Concurrency