Akka (Cluster) in Practice

Peter Brachwitz 2015-04-15

A talk reflecting on our experience with Akka Cluster in a recent project.

Scala Akka Akka Cluster

Border of the Actor System: Pass Control

Oleg Rudenko 2015-03-16

Oleg will discuss ways to get information from an Actor System and implications of Location Transparency. He will show different ways to pass the Actor System Border and will discuss why some of them will not work with Remote Actors.

Scala Akka

Project Advanced Parking Management

Martin Lorenz 2015-02-18

Radar sensor-based monitoring and visualization of public parking areas.

Stack: Scala, Akka, (actors, persistence, streams), single-page web UI using backbone.js, Web Sockets, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing

Domain-Driven Design Event Sourcing Akka Persistence Akka Akka Streams Scala CQRS

Project Connected Agricultural Vehicles

Stefan Asseg 2015-02-18

Collection, processing, and visualization of large-scale data from agricultural vehicles.

Stack: Scala, Akka (actors, persistence, cluster, streams), MongoDB, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing Akka Cluster CQRS Domain-Driven Design Akka Streams Akka Persistence Scala MongoDB Akka

Reactive Streams & Akka HTTP

Mathias Doenitz 2015-01-13

If you want to provide or consume HTTP-based APIs with Scala (or Java) then this talk is for you: Akka HTTP takes reactive high-performance web interactions to the next level. Fully asynchronous and non-blocking, a type-safe and very powerful declarative API, an immutable HTTP model without compromises, all these are perfectly fitted to the Actor world.

Among many smaller improvements over its predecessor library, akka-http comes with one major advantage: it is based on a new abstraction called "Reactive Streams” which provides a number of important benefits, not only for working with HTTP.

Akka Streams spray Scala Reactive Streams Akka Akka HTTP