Apache Kafka

Dominik Gruber 2015-04-15

Kafka is "publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log". This tool is one of the most widely adopted Scala projects with users such as LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Twitter, and Netflix.

Scala Kafka

Developing a Node.js Module with Scala.js

Dominik Gruber 2015-03-16

Dominik will present a small project that he created with two other developers at a recent Scala.js hackathon: A Node.js module written in Scala.js. It's a terminal application that monitors Java applications over JMX. It uses NCURSES to graphically monitor activity.

Project on GitHub:

Scala JMX Monitoring Node.js Scala.js

Creating a BitTorrent Client with Akka (Part 1)

Dominik Gruber 2014-11-26

What does it take to create a BitTorrent Client with Scala and Akka? Dominik will give an overview of the protocol, talk about parsing the special "Bencode" format, and the architecture with Akka. This is part 1 of the talk since the client is not done yet.

Project on GitHub:

Scala BitTorrent Parser Combinator P2P Akka

Introduction to the Twitter Stack

Dominik Gruber 2014-08-27

A high-level overview of various Twitter projects like Finagle and Zipkin. This stack is not only used by Twitter but parts of it also by companies like Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, and SoundCloud.

Finatra Twitter Scala Finagle Iago Metrics Ostrich Zipkin

»Akka Concurrency« Book Review

Dominik Gruber 2014-02-20

Book review of »Akka Concurrency« by Derek Wyatt. I has been published in May 2013 and was recommended by Jonas Bonèr, the creator of Akka and current CTO of Typesafe.

Scala Akka Concurrency Book Review