Distributed, Functional Programming - Convergent/Commutative Replicated Data Types

Bernhard Huemer 2014-07-31

Scala Functional Programming

Scalaz introduction

Bernhard Huemer 2013-11-20

Some of the less wacky bits about Scalaz. :)

Heiko's article on Typeclasses / Type-safe equality:

Scala Scalaz Functional Programming

Concurrency on the JVM

Bernhard Huemer 2013-07-23

  • Common pitfalls and problems with Threads, JVM concurrency and background about the Java Memory Model, how locking works, etc.
  • Going from a threading model based (directly) on ThreadPools to one based on Akka by addressing contention issues along the way (or "why don't I just use thread pools?")
  • talk I forgot to mention, if you're interested in JVM concurrency, watch out for anything that Heinz Kabutz posts! :) For example,

JVM Concurrency