Metaprogramming with implicits

Barnabas Kralik 2014-06-25

Scala's type inference algorithm tries hard to automatically infer generic type parameters' actual values. If there are implicit parameters to a function that depend on yet underspecified type parameters, it can use this as a source of type constraints. This yields a variant of logic programming on types.

In this lightning talk, I will show the main powers and limitations of this method of metaprogramming through a series of short examples.

Scala implicit

Rea workflows in Scala

David Juhasz 2014-06-25

Rea is a language and framework based on the principles of Task-Oriented Programming, in which computations are described as workflows of independent tasks. The aim of Rea is to support programming Cyber-Physical Systems that are collaborating computational elements interacting with their physical environment and controlling physical processes. In the lightning talk, I will introduce Rea through a small example, and discuss the issues we face when implementing it in Scala.

Scala Rea

»Akka Concurrency« Book Review

Dominik Gruber 2014-02-20

Book review of »Akka Concurrency« by Derek Wyatt. I has been published in May 2013 and was recommended by Jonas Bonèr, the creator of Akka and current CTO of Typesafe.

Scala Akka Concurrency Book Review

file resource handling and image resizing in play

David Pichsenmeister 2014-02-20

Plugins for file resource handling (like amazon s3 bucket) and image resizing on-the-fly via URL parameters in play 2 for scala.

Scala Play Framework

Impressions of »ping conf Play! edition« conference

Alexander Daniel 2014-01-22

I'm talking about facts, impressions and summarize my favorite talks.

All videos of the conference are available at the conference website.

Scala pingconf conference Play Framework