»Becoming Functional« Book Review

Felix Amerbauer 2014-11-26

Felix will give an overview of the O'Reilly book "Becoming Functional" by Joshua Backfield and will share his opinion about it.

Scala Book Review Functional Programming

Creating a BitTorrent Client with Akka (Part 1)

Dominik Gruber 2014-11-26

What does it take to create a BitTorrent Client with Scala and Akka? Dominik will give an overview of the protocol, talk about parsing the special "Bencode" format, and the architecture with Akka. This is part 1 of the talk since the client is not done yet.

Project on GitHub:

P2P Akka Scala Parser Combinator BitTorrent

Load Testing with Gatling

Peter Brachwitz 2014-11-26

Peter will talk about Gatling, "an open-source load testing framework based on Scala, Akka and Netty".

Scala Netty Load Testing Gatling Akka

Development and Deployment of Polyglot Systems

David Pichsenmeister 2014-10-28

At we are developing a comment plugin for online bloggers and publishers. Since the uptime of our software is very important, we try to apply best practices to our development and deployment workflow. Our system is based on different stacks, which includes the use of different languages like PHP, Scala, and TypeScript. This talk is about how we manage the consistency of our data-models through the different stacks, how the connection of our services is done through APIs and the deployment strategy of our system to get a nearly zero-downtime continuous integration pipeline. I'll also show, how we use code generators and shell scripts to automate code creation and tasks. Last, I'll show how we handle our database migrations.

Scala Play Framework Slick

Scala at journi

Christian Papauschek 2014-10-28

  • Experience with the Play Framework
  • Usage of Java libraries
  • Database access via Slick

Scala Play Framework Slick