Project Advanced Parking Management

Martin Lorenz 2015-02-18

Radar sensor-based monitoring and visualization of public parking areas.

Stack: Scala, Akka, (actors, persistence, streams), single-page web UI using backbone.js, Web Sockets, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing

Akka Akka Streams Event Sourcing CQRS Akka Persistence Scala Domain-Driven Design

Project Connected Agricultural Vehicles

Stefan Asseg 2015-02-18

Collection, processing, and visualization of large-scale data from agricultural vehicles.

Stack: Scala, Akka (actors, persistence, cluster, streams), MongoDB, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing

Akka Streams MongoDB CQRS Domain-Driven Design Akka Cluster Event Sourcing Scala Akka Akka Persistence

Reactive Web Applications with Play

Manuel Bernhart 2015-02-18

Manuel will quickly talk about the book he's writing about building reactive web-applications with the Play Framework.

Scala Play Framework

Scala Refactoring Dojo Learnings

Sebastian Nozzi 2015-02-18

Sebastian will present learnings from the last Scala Refactoring Dojo. How does idiomatic Scala code look like?


Reactive Streams & Akka HTTP

Mathias Doenitz 2015-01-13

If you want to provide or consume HTTP-based APIs with Scala (or Java) then this talk is for you: Akka HTTP takes reactive high-performance web interactions to the next level. Fully asynchronous and non-blocking, a type-safe and very powerful declarative API, an immutable HTTP model without compromises, all these are perfectly fitted to the Actor world.

Among many smaller improvements over its predecessor library, akka-http comes with one major advantage: it is based on a new abstraction called "Reactive Streams” which provides a number of important benefits, not only for working with HTTP.

Akka Reactive Streams Akka Streams spray Scala Akka HTTP