Akka (Cluster) in Practice

Peter Brachwitz 2015-04-15

A talk reflecting on our experience with Akka Cluster in a recent project.

Scala Akka Akka Cluster

Apache Kafka

Dominik Gruber 2015-04-15

Kafka is "publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log". This tool is one of the most widely adopted Scala projects with users such as LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Twitter, and Netflix.

Scala Kafka

Don't Waste Your Logs - Logfile Monitoring with ELK

Gerhard Hipfinger 2015-04-15

The ELK stack consists of Elasticsearch (realtime search cluster based on Apache Lucene), Logstash (logfile aggregation), and Kibana (HTML5 app to visualize JSON data) and can be used to bring astonishing insights in your collected log data. It does not matter where the log informations are from. Don't waste your logfiles and help your Dev and Ops team to better collaborate on logfile analysis.

Monitoring Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana