Border of the Actor System: Pass Control

Oleg Rudenko 2015-03-16

Oleg will discuss ways to get information from an Actor System and implications of Location Transparency. He will show different ways to pass the Actor System Border and will discuss why some of them will not work with Remote Actors.

Scala Akka

Developing a Node.js Module with Scala.js

Dominik Gruber 2015-03-16

Dominik will present a small project that he created with two other developers at a recent Scala.js hackathon: A Node.js module written in Scala.js. It's a terminal application that monitors Java applications over JMX. It uses NCURSES to graphically monitor activity.

Project on GitHub:

Monitoring Node.js Scala.js JMX Scala

KISS-style DI with Play

Alexander Daniel 2015-03-16

How does dependency injection work in Play? How can a no framework dependency injection be implemented with Play? Pros and cons.

Scala Play Framework Dependency Injection