Devoxx Belgium 2013

Peter Kofler 2013-11-20

5' feedback from Devoxx, non technical just what and how and how it feels ;-)

Devoxx conference

Exploring the Unit type

Alexander Daniel 2013-11-20

Some not so well known facts about the Scala Unit type.

Scala Language

Scalaz introduction

Bernhard Huemer 2013-11-20

Some of the less wacky bits about Scalaz. :)

Heiko's article on Typeclasses / Type-safe equality:

Scala Scalaz Functional Programming

Tips and tricks for setting up a Play 2 project

Manuel Bernhardt 2013-11-20

A small set of tips and tricks for setting up a vanilla Play 2 project. Presentation given at Devoxx 2013 in Antwerp.

Scala Play Framework